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North Central Seniors Association
Prince George, BC



We have a small collection of books in our Senior Centre. They are available to borrow on an honor system. There is no sign out procedure and no due date. Take home as many as you feel you will read in a reasonable amount of time. Return them to the "book return" box in the library when you are finished with them.

"New" books added to our collection, January 2019

Fiction books in our collection

Nonfiction books in our collection

We are very grateful to the Prince George Public Library for the many books donated to our library through the "Reading without Rules" program.

Finding books

Our books




The Prince George Public Library provides a Home Service Program that makes library materials freely available through direct home delivery. This service is for library card holders who find it difficult to visit the library on a regular, continuing basis. Information about this program and other Accessibility services can be found online at http://www.pgpl.ca/accessibility


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